Fishing Event


Fishing on the Columbia River! Catch & release sturgeon fishing is available for our event and promises to be exciting!

We are hoping to offer both steelhead and sturgeon fishing, but Washington Fish & Game has temporarily closed  steelhead fishing. There is a chance it will re-open late in September, but we won't know for sure until middle of September. Space is limited; register early.

If you only want to fish for steelhead, please wait to register until closer to the event.  

Fishing Event Registration

  • Guided Fishing 
  • Single day permit
  • Bagged Breakfast & Beverages
  • $200 Registration Fee

DBruce with steelhead


KM Caught


The Columbia River offers the biggest all-around sturgeon opportunity in Oregon and Washington, and some of the best sturgeon fishing anywhere on the West Coast.

KM Hooked

Catch & Release

Even though you can’t keep them, the Columbia still offers some excellent catch-and-release fishing for sturgeon.

TDM Sturgeon

Fishing Adventure

Sturgeon caught on the Columbia River, 2011, by fearless fisherman, Tim McGreevy!


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