Membership Info


The USPLTA was established in 1962 to represent and support those engaged in processing, merchandising, brokering and warehousing dry peas, lentils, chickpeas, and related activities.

As the industry has grown, the Membership now includes food manufacturing and processing, transportation and port, bagging and equipment, and other industry-related companies.

Voting Members:

Voting Members include Processors, First Purchaser/Elevators, Warehousemen/Seed Dealers, Exporter/Dealers, Broker/Commission Agents and Finished Product Processor/Food Manufacturers.

Non-Voting Members:

Non-voting Members are associated companies including Financial, Chemical/Seed Treatment, Packaging/Bagging, Transportation, Ports and those engaged in closely related industry activities.


International Market Development:

  • Trade show promotions
  • Extensive pulse production & trade database
  • Export market access
  • Trade barrier reductions
  • Trade rules
  • Food Aid
  • Promoting US "Symbol of Quality"

Domestic Market Development:

  • Pulse Branding Campaign
  • Food industry outreach
  • Health professional outreach
  • Consumer social media campaigns
  • Educational seminars for R & D
  • Trade show promotions


  • New crop protection programs
  • Nutrition research
  • Innovative product develop seminars
  • Improved varieties
  • Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) harmonization

Info. & Government Education:

  • Pulse Crop Health Initiative
  • School Nutrition & the School Pulse Crop Products Program
  • Transportation
  • Farm programs & food aid
  • Trade rules
  • Grading standards
  • Industry publications


The Pulse Brand

The USPLTA has an additional benefit for members: the opportunity to use the Pulse Brand.  The Pulse Brand is designed to be used by all pulse value chain stakeholders, including pulse processors, exporters and on packaging at the retail level.  Nominal fees vary depending on membership level.

Double Bonus!!

Launched in the US and Canada in 2017, the Half-Cup Habit is a campaign to inspire consumers to eat more pulses and raise awareness of their benefits. The campaign is supported by social media advertising in addition to other promotions. USPLTA members who use the Pulse Brand can also use the Half-Cup Habit symbol.

Trade directory:

  • Annual hard copy of member companies
  • Includes research, extension & related industries


  • Links to Member company website pages
  • Member company informational listing
  • "Members Only" statistics & reports

Trade leads:

  • Exposure to new markets for US products

Annual Meeting:

  • Discounts for participation at annual convention
  • Informative agenda
  • Networking

Weekly newsletter: Pulse Pipeline

  • Market and pricing information
  • Relevant issues, latest research & crop protection information

Electronic distribution of publications:

  • Statistical reports
  • Market news
  • P.L. 480 announcements
  • Annual meeting information

Additional privileges:

  • Direct industry efforts in Research, International, Domestic Marketing, Outreach, & Education
  • Participate on Trade Association committees
  • Representation of industry related issues in Washington D.C.
  • Access to international and domestic trade teams
  • Participation in Trade Association Committees
  • Eligible to travel (domestic & international) on behalf of the Industry

For more information, contact us at:

2780 W. Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208-882-3023


Mail applications and dues to:

USPLTA Member Services - Attn: Kim Monk
2780 W Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843

Checks for dues made out to: USPLTA

For more information, contact Kim Monk at 208-882-3023 or email

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