​Things To Do

Anchorage, Alaska

Take advantage of everything Alaska has to offer during your stay!  Below are just a few options of activities you may be interested in partaking in.  *You will be required to reserve these activities on your own.


Sightseeing Tours & Day Trips

Alaska Railroad
Alaska Trail Guides (Biking Tours)

Gold Mining

Indian Valley Mine National Historic Site

Hiking & Ice Climbing

Ascending Path Guide Service
Hike Alaska

Flight Seeing

Anchorage Helicopter Tours
Rust's Flying Service
  • Distance from Downtown: 15 minute drive
  • Duration of Activity: Full Day or Partial Day
  • Website: https://www.flyrusts.com


Snowhook Adventure Guides (Autumn Season Dog Sledding)
Anchorage Museum 
Bear Tooth Theatrepub
Northern Lights Wake-Up Call
  • Ask the hotel to call your room and wake you up if there is ever a Northern Lights sighting while we're in Alaska!



Anchorage Golf Course                                                                        

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